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Attendance Update

To keep our goal of 98% attendance we need less than 21 students absent per day. You can help us by scheduling medical appointments for before or after school, and encouraging your student to come to school on time every day. Our Attendance line is available 24hrs/7 days a week. Simply press option 2 when calling into our main school line. Let's continue to make  the 2022-2023 school year successful and make sure your child/ren  are at school on time every day and ready to learn!

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Attendance Policy 

Attendance It is critical that every student come to school every day and on time. Regular attendance is essential to successful school performance. Our school attendance goal is 96%. Monthly attendance information is published in our school newsletter. Students are recognized for perfect and excellent attendance at monthly award assemblies. We also recognize classes weekly for top attendance.
 If your child is absent, it is very important that you call our main office line at (916) 566­-1650 and press 2 to report your child’s absence or send in a written note as to the reason for the absence. Families will receive an automated phone call for uncleared absences. Families have 5 days to clear an absence. 
All students arriving after the start of school must go to the office for a late slip. State law mandates that schools keep a record of absences and notify parents when their child is truant. Students are considered truant after: 
  • Three unexcused absences or tardies 
  • Three unreported absences—(we didn’t hear from parent) 
Excused Absences or tardies are those due to: 
  • Illness, medical/dental appointment 
  • Court Appearance (child’s) documentation from court required 
  • Funeral of Immediate family member
  • Observance of Religious Holiday 
Unexcused absences and tardies are those due to: 
  • Unreported absences—no contact from family
  • Personal reasons such as trips, non medical appointments, missing the bus, etc 
Students with chronic attendance issues may be asked to give up their recesses or stay after school to make up work missed. Families may be asked to attend school or district attendance meetings (SART/SARB process)