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First Grade

Welcome to first grade! Our first grade team is Mrs. Smith, Ms. Donnelly, Ms. Cooper, Ms. Burlin and Mrs. Howell.


These are the sound spelling cards we use in our reading program. This song is a great way to help your child remember all the letter sounds.


Your child will have homework daily Monday through Friday. The homework is designed to give your child practice and reinforcement of work we have done at school. At this age your child should not be spending more than 15 minutes per night on homework. Always check your child’s work! Math pages are due the following day. Part of your child’s homework will be to read with you each night for 20 minutes. Two reading sheets will be sent home through the week. We encourage you to put these papers in a reading binder and work on them throughout the school year, as well as share favorite picture books with your child. Practice the spelling and high-frequency words every night. Spelling tests will be on Fridays.


To login to ST Math at home:

  1. Go to (or click on the JiJI icon below).
  2. Click on JiJi, the penguin.
  3. If this is your first time logging in at home, you will enter the homework activation code: WOO7E8-H78-NE-S9Z
  4. Click on the tablet icon to learn about ST Math with a smart device.

JiJi penguin

Here is the link for Spelling City. These are fun games that help children with their spelling words. Select the current list that you see in your homework packet. Spelling City also has apps for smart devices.

Spelling City.jpg