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2021-22 school YEAR

Since we are are still in an unusual global situation, THIS year (21-22 School year), we will NOT require Uniforms for our students. We will STILL BE FOLLOWING our DRESS CODE as far as appropriate clothing for our students. If you would still like to have your Wildcat wear a uniform to school, that is completely fine. 
Reminders: students should be in APPROPRIATE clothing for school and CLOSED TOED Shoes as they will be involved in activities outside and for their safety. Thank you. If you have questions, please refer to the Family Handbook or feel free to call our office!

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We are a Uniform School

Students should have a collared shirt, white, or blue and have blue or khaki bottoms.

Please refer to your Parent Handbook for Dress code guidelines. As the weather gets warmer, please make sure your Wildcat is dressed appropriately. Thank you!

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