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Greetings,_Woodridge_Families! Card IconGreetings, Woodridge Families!

Greetings Woodridge Families!
Welcome back Wildcats! This letter is being sent to you with hopes that you and your family are having
a wonderful and restful summer break! We have many exciting things in store for us this school year!
There are a few things that are important to note to make our school year a success.
First off, student safety when arriving, dismissing and while at school is our number one priority. We
are recruiting parents for our Parent Safety Committee and Dads on Guard (D.O.Gs). These parent
groups will be designed so that we can all work together to monitor traffic, volunteer at recess and
volunteer at school to help our students feel supported and successful at school. Alone we can do
little, but together we can do a lot. Can you take one cross walk shift a week for 15 minutes? If so,
watch for our Parent Safety Committee and Dads on Guard applications.
Second, we are a uniform school. Last school year, our family survey indicated that you, the parents
and families, overwhelmingly are in favor of uniforms. The teachers and I are going to do our best at
supporting your wishes to continue to have every student in uniform every day. You also indicated you
would like more frequent free dress days, so we will be implementing one free dress day every month.
Those days will be announce in the bi-monthly newsletter.
Third, in order for our kids to be successful, we need to make sure they are at school every day and on
time so that they do not fall behind in their studies. When students are frequently absent, they miss
important concepts that can cause them to become frustrated and upset. In addition, students who
miss school frequently have a harder time making and keeping friendship connections.
Fourth, kindness counts. Next year we want to emphasize kindness with every person on campus.
Staff, students and parents alike. At times, every one of us get frustrated to the point of anger, but
when we let our anger show, we jeopardize the calm and peaceful school environment that helps us all
feel safe. We will be practicing kindness here at school. Can you model kindness when you enter the
school grounds as well?
Shauna Newton
Woodridge Elementary
(916) 566-1650 Ext. 25000